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The Making of FL Keys History


After the infamous and devastating Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 destroyed Flagler's Overseas Railroad, work soon began on what was to become the original Overseas Highway to Key West. The highway was completed in the early 1940's giving way to the first motoring tourists.


Businesses including cafes, inns and restaurants sprang to life especially on Upper Matecumbe Key; in 1907 it became Isle Morada and now is hailed as Islamorada FL, "The Fishing Capitol of the World".


In 1947 Sid and Roxie Siderious purchased OD King's Rustic Inn, originally built in 1928 as a little roadside cafe with a couple of rooms to rent along the original Overseas Highway on upper Matecumbe Key, and transformed it into what is now known as the Green Turtle Inn. The "Turtle" became known as the spot where fishermen, as well as Keys' travelers, could enjoy great food and a comfortable night's rest. Much as the namesake this Islamorada restaurant served fare featuring the popular delicacy - sea turtles harvested from FL Keys waters serving menu items including turtle steaks, soups and chowders. The Islamorada dining scene had a new face and it was a turtle! Our island had quickly come the Islamorada dining capitol of the world!


As word of good food tends to travel fast, the Green Turtle  soon became popular with the local crowd as well. Revelers flocked to the Green Turtle Inn and after dinner it was common for guests to clear tables from the floor, ushering in music, dancing and celebrating the Keys lifestyle long into the night. After the famed "Sid and Roxie era" the restaurant was owned for a time by local restaurateur and acclaimed entertainer Henry Rosenthal.

The Green Turtle Inn - Present


Making Tomorrow's FL Keys History Today


Today, after a metamorphosis required by Hurricane Wilma you can still experience the famed Islamorada restaurant's spirit of the good 'ole days by dining on the very best in authentic Florida Keys cooking at the Green Turtle Inn. The original roadside cafe and inn is casual still, but more sophisticated. One of the few Islamorada restaurants open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it still is host to inspired fare including still our famous Turtle chowder, fresh salads, steaks and seafood. The full menu is composed of modern Keys classics and Southern staples all prepared and served to the highest standards.


"The Turtle"  personifies the casual and laid back comfort of the islands. The welcoming interior is infused with tranquil colors and warm woods with old Green Turtle  memorabilia decorating the walls. Islamorada restaurants are known for this Keys charm. Nowhere is it more evident than here at "The Turtle'.


The landmark Green Turtle Inn is located at mile marker 81.2 in the heart of Islamorada, FL.


Famed Islamorada dining - the tradition continues at "The Turtle".


Explore our menus . Then plan to join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a visit to our bar. We are THE

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Islamorada dining (and dancing) since 1947.
Islamorada dining— The Green Turtle, Islamorada's iconic bar and restaurant was first opened by Sid and Roxie Siderious in 1947.
Islamorada restaurant— Pictured here; The Green Turtle Inn, Islamorada Florida was opened in 1947.
Islamorada FL— The Green Turtle Inn, FL Keys. 1967 Festival of seafood winner.

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