A Florida Keys Wedding or offsite catering event is more memorable when Island Catering

manages every special detail.


Destination beach weddings

and group dining

from the Islamorada restaurants hailed as "wonderful",



and for having "Exceptional Food,

and Outstanding Service..."


Florida Keys weddings and offsite catering are spectacular with the attention of Islamorada restaurants Kaiyo Grill and Green Turtle Inn taking care of all the details.
Catering Guests' Testimonials

Islamorada Catering and FL Keys Weddings - Reviews and photos


We know FL Keys weddings are what so many couples dream of. So we work hard ot be sure they - along with other Islamorada catered special events are spectacular.


Here is what our guests are saying about FL Keys weddings and Islamorada catering form Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill Catering.




Guest Testimonials:



You and your staff did such an amazing job; Aaron and I were completely blown away! Thank you so much."     ~ Mr. & Mrs. Aaron and Rachel Caine; Oct. 2010 Wedding & Reception



"Your staff needs to be commended for a job well done.


Sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your e-mail, I have been really busy since the wedding entertaining out of town guests and shuttling everyone to the airport, etc."


"I am so pleased with the way everything turned out and I attribute that to a great extend to the hard work of the all the vendors. Believe it or not I barely tasted the food, only a small piece of the fish and the salad which were delicious. I was assured by the guests that everything was delicious. Your waitstaff was so efficient, pleasant and professional. The buffet was also set up very nicely. I think the tent and the lighting helped to define the area.


I did not see you all night, but Vanessa tells me that she along with my niece, Michelle worked with you whenever you needed them. Thanks for letting me enjoy the evening, besides that's what bridesmaids are for.


Thank-you for your hard work and great attitude in always helping me out with any questions and accomodating me as much as possible. Your staff needs to be commended for a job well done. I will gladly and confidently recommend you and the (Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill Catering) if the occassion ever arises."                     

 ~  Maria Colon; Daughter's Wedding Oct 12, 2010



From Islamorada Chamber of Commerce


"Just a note to thank you for your participation in our october "after hours'. The Food was fabulous! You guys are the best. Thanks, Judy"    ~ Executive Director Judy Hill, Nov. 2010




"You guys were just amazing - you and your team stood out from EVERYONE we had dealing with in the Keys.


Saying the food is delicious and service outstanding doesn't come even close to how I feel about my experience with the Green Turtle. My story starts with me a Boston bride to be discovering that my 3rd Wedding Coordinator couldn't compete in checkers with my lab without significant challenge and I was beginning to question WHY I was trying to do a destination wedding in Long Key Fl, and if it was possible considering the numerous venue, rental, and catering issues presenting themselves so far.


Just when I was thinking of eloping I called the Green Turtle Inn and had a chat with Mark, the catering director and things started looking up. I had decided to do everything myself and Mark became my go to man. He not only was delightful on the phone, he did a SITE VISIT PRIOR to writing up the proposal, he LISTENED to what I said and took notes, he always called back promptly and while he was not the least expensive option, he was by far LEAPS and BOUNDS better than ALL competition. Once we agreed to do the rehearsal dinner, we discussed the wedding reception and he had such a organic understanding of what we wanted that there was no just no comparison. He worked with us to develop a menu and plan of attack for both days, we signed and that was that... so I thought. Upon arriving to our venue the (sic) Resort - we were horrified to discover that it was under construction, the power boxes that were suppose to be installed were not, AND my 6th point of contact there had just quit.. Gotta love the keys!!


Mark was like a bucket of rainbows with his we can do this attitude and when the cold front (and 20 MPH winds) moved in - he calmly presented the idea of moving the rehearsal across the street where we would be protected from the wind and they just packed the van and hauled everything over they needed. I was almost brought to tears when I saw what they had done, not only did they set up a lovely buffet, but they provided candles and some natural decor on the tables that just make it look so perfect. They worked their tails off that night clearing glasses, plates, wrangling around our guests, then packed up all the left overs for us and off they went like magical catering elves into the night.


The next day we decided to take on the winds and set up on the beach - The team arrived once again and descended on the beach. Working around lack of electrical outlets, they set up, served, and cleaned up with ease. Mark, Liz, Stephanie and Jamie felt like part of the group by the end of the night and our day would have not been the same without them. I can't praise them enough, and would recommend their catering to ANYONE. Exceptional Food, Outstanding Service and some real kick ass people."   

 ~ Kelly R.; N. Weymouth, MA on yelp.com; Dec. 2010

FL Keys Catering and Islamorada Catering from Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill Catering.


FL Keys Weddings and Islamorada Catering from Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill Catering.


Seafood restaurants Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill offer elegant FL Keys weddings and Islamorada catering.


FL Keys weddings and Islamorada catering form Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill Catering.


Catering from the Islamorada restaurants known for inventive cuisine and indulgent service - Green Turtle Inn and Kaiyo Grill Catering.


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